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We collect information for the sole purpose of sales data we do not share information with any third party or source and is kept in a secure database. No financial data is stored such as credit cards or bank accounts and is used only up to the completion of a sales transaction.

7 Day Hire  (168 hours)

Paintshaver Pro Hire Rates

5 day Hire (120 hours)
3 Day Hire (72 hours) $325.00
2 day Hire (48 hours)
1 Day Hire (24 hours) $175.00


On pickup of the tool we will require a bond of $300.00. A pre-approval on your credit card is required this is a non transfer hold on the funds until the end of hire.

Delivery Time for Tool Sales.

‚ÄčAs a general rule tools will be shipped within 5 business days and normally shipped via Auspost.

In stock items will be shipped the same day via Auspost

Any tools in the process of restocking dispatch can take up to 5 business days.

We try and keep very good stock controll though it is not always possible to have stock on hand. When you order and there was a delay longer than 5 days we will advise you via email.

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What is the best tool to buy to do the job of paint removal with either the Kalishape Paint Remover Tool or the Paintshaver Pro?


The Kalishape Paint Removal Tool is designed for small jobs such as stairs. windows or railings where there is no chance of hitting nails.  It is a very robust tool, a very good workhorse that leaves the paint removal job with a smooth finish with very little sanding required after the paint removing is finished. A key benefit is that it will remove paint very close to edges and in awkward locations.

Paintshaver Pro

The Paintshaver Pro is an exceptionally powerful tool (some call it a beast) that will get through the most demanding jobs. The blades are extremely tough and will handle going over nails in most instances. For real tough work like removing gelcoat on fibreglass boats the diamond tip blade is available that is the best for it's purpose. A key benefit of the Paintshaver Pro is the life of the blades. You can do 3 medium houses with one set of blades so this equates to about 12 cents a sq. metre  to remove paint. You work that out against any other method.

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What is the procedure to hire the Paint Removal Tool?

We try and keep it simple the procedure is outlined here.

Chamferboard like the shown profile would require care on the bevelled edge with the blade down to the lowest adjustment and making a few passes with the tool over the bevel.

Can you deliver & pickup for return?

We can deliver the equipment and pickup within 50 Kilometres of Albion, Brisbane. The base rate is $20.00 plus $1.00 per kilometre. The rate is based on the journey first leg. For example if you needed deliver of 20k distance delivery would be $40.00 with pickup also $ a total of $80.00.

Longer distances are by negotiationmore


Call 07 33156335 or

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Why does the bond pre-authorisation take up to 10 days to reverse?

We have no control over the pre-authorisation on your credit card. This is just a hold on your account although some bank transactions make it look like a debit. Rest assured no money on a pre-authorisation is put into our bank account it is only a surety that all things are correct and completed on the hire. Some banks can take up to 10 business days to reverse this transaction. However all said and done we believe this is the best method for all parties to the transaction.

Can I extend the hire over the phone?

Yes. It's not unusual for people to require more time to complete their job. We are only too happy to oblige and  are only a  phone call away. Changing from a 2 day or 3 day hire to a weekly hire gives you an attractive daily rate.

Will the Vacuum unit collect all the dust?

The Shopvac Vacuum with the HEPA filter is an environmentally friendly method to do  paint removal.

No it will not collect all the dust and chips that the paint removal tool creates when in operation. The HEPA filter is designed to collect 99% of the micro dust that can cause respiratory issues. We recommend that you use a filtered mask while using the tool.  

What if the timber is not flat?

The paint removal tool is designed for paint removal from flat timber, warped timber or bevelled timber requires care and technique that we would only recommend attempting after a few hours of use and you have the confidence to use the tool with a refined technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is the Paint Removal Tool to use?

Most reasonably active people would be able to use the tool without any drama, the small amount of technique required is quickly grasp by most people. 

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