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The finished surface just after using the Kalishape Paint Remover on 80 year old oak door.

 An absolute smooth finish. 

A Short Video Demonstration

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$295 Inclusive of GST

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The Amazing Low Cost Option for Paint Removal.

The Kalishape Paint Remover Tool.

The KaliShape Paint Remover is the ideal tool for the removal of paint from flat timber such as rails, windows, doors, stairs and balustrades etc. Making it about 70% quicker in time savings than other methods. In combination with the robust design and the strong reversible carbide blades the Kalishape Paint Remover can handle a very high workload with a very smooth finish to the timber surfaces. Kalishape Paint Remover Detail.pdf

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The Kalishape Paint Remover Tool has been tested to comply with strict European standards CS, CE, EMC, RoHS, PAHs. Thereby making it a safe, environmentally friendly tool that will do the job it was designed to do.

Reliable Paint Removal Tool for Hire