​With Kalishape Paint Remover. $530.00

We are excited to introduce a new product to our Kalishape range of Tools for Craftsmen. Having been asked for a sander that is more powerful than the standard power sander on the market we searched the world for the right one. We believe we have found it. Not satisfied with the manufacturers performance data we have extensively tested it in working environments. What we found is an extremely robust tool that will do the job of sanding extremely well. In our experience most purchases of sanders want:

  1. ​Robust sander that can tackle most jobs from finishing sanding to rough removal such as paint removal and polishing with the various sanding disks and polishing pads available in the market as standard fitting.The 6 step power adjustment can handle this.
  2. Safety especially from dust. The Kalishape Sander allows for a vacuum to be attached or the use of the dust bag that comes with the sander for a near dustless operation.
  3. Ease of use. The Kalishape sander has an adjustable handle that can be adjusted to 180 degrees. The sander is also surprising light at 3kg for a tool with power of 700 watts

Kalishape Orbital Sander WORKHORSE 700 watt. 6 speed

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​With Marineshaver Pro. $2120.00

Rated output power 700W

Rated Voltage 240V

No load speed 2500-10000 rpm

Disc size 150mm

Cable 2.5 M

Valcro Hook and loop standard discs

​Vacuum or bag attachment for dust collection

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With Paintshaver Pro $1820.00



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