So how can the hire of the best exterior house paint removal tool available in Brisbane help?

  • Save you time by paint removal and creating an excellent paintable surface to get a painting finish you will be proud to have achieved.
  • Save you money by needing less fixing products to get an easy surface to paint on.
  • Do it yourself and save uncountable sums rather than getting it done by someone else.
  • When  you hire the Paintshaver Pro Paint Removal Tool you can be assured it will do the job. You can work at your own pace and know that you are still saving money on any alternative. more about paint removal tool hire Brisbane

The Paint Removal Method 

Prior to any Paint removal tool leaving our premises it is completely maintained, Tested and Tagged under WHS legislation requirements.

We also carry full and comprehensive Commercial Public Liability Insurance. It's worth it to know that you are fully protected. 

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The most important single lesson about house painting is that more than 50% of the job is about preparation.

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Paint removal of a house, getting it prepared for a great paint job can be one of the most satisfying jobs. Also among the many chores that we humans tend to rush or botch painting a house exterior must rank near the top. The word slapdash, denoting all acts hurried and shoddy could have sprung from the notion to slap pigment on a weary weatherboard house, then dash off to do something more thrilling or exciting. While this tendency is regrettable, it's also understandable. The perfect example for an endless, gruelling task is a lone house painter staring up at a three-story house replete with mildew, pealing and alligatored exterior. Exhausting labour, dizzy heights no wonder mere mortals blanch. Most people care about their homes and want to see a job well done.

Without a doubt the paint removal tool of choice for the modern house painter is the Paintshaver Pro now available for hire in Brisbane

Reliable Paint Removal Tool for Hire