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A brief detail about our services that includes a video showing how the Paintshaver Pro works.

About Us

Some information about how we started and the direction we intend going some recent developments and the latest news


Paint Removal

Explanation on how to use the Paintshaver Pro to remove paint

Tool Hire

Details including pricing of hiring the Paintshaver  Pro in Brisbane

Tool Sales

The product page to purchase the Paintshaver Pro, and other tools with delivery 

Kalishape Tools

This is the product page for our new range of tools the Kalishape-Tools for Craftsmen range. We have started with the paint remover tool and over time will be adding to the range. Added to this range in April 2018 is the Kalishape Orbital WORKHORSE Sander 700 watt 6 speed

Marineshaver Pro

This page has all the details about the Marinshaver Pro including national Hire and rates

Detail Information

A depository for a number of documents relating to the use of the Paint removal tool and recommendations.


The most frequently asked questions and queries by our customers or potential customers

Contact Us

All our contact information and a form to email to us with any enquiry and that we will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving the message.

Reliable Paint Removal Tool for Hire