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on Paintshaver Pro the

ideal tool for removing

paint from the exterior

of houses Click Here

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More Information on the Gelpeel Pro.The Ideal Tool for stripping gelcoat off fibreglass marinecraft click here

$250.00 inclusive of GST. Tax invoice supplied

The Kalishape Sander 700 watt

The Gelpeel Pro.

​More information on the Kalishape

Sander 700 watt the ideal tool for

finishing work on wood Click Here.

​More information

on the Kalishape Paint Remover Tool

the ideal tool for removing paint

from small profiles like windows,

doors and stairs Click Here.

​More Information

on Marineshaver Pro the ideal

tool for removing gelcoat

from fibreglass and antifouling from marinecraft & boats Click Here

More information on the Random Orbital Sandervac the best heavy duty finishing sander click here

$1595.00 inclusive of GST  Invoice supplied

​$1,945.00 inclusive of GST. Tax invoice supplied..

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The Kalishape Paint Remover

The Marineshaver Pro

$2499.00 inclusive of GST invoice supplied

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Random Orbital Sandervac

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$1695.00   inclusive of GST. Tax invoice supplied.

The Paintshaver Pro 

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